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Andrew Cotton x Birchwood

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with professional big wave surfer, Andrew Cotton. As a fellow outdoor enthusiast and lover of all things North Devon, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with him.

Having grown up in the South West and having surfed all of his adult life, Andrew understands the draw to raise his family near the coast more than most.

Andrew shared a few words with us on why he decided to partner Birchwood, North Devon:

‘Growing up in and living in North Devon has really influenced my surfing career and lifestyle choices. That’s why having the opportunity to work with Birchwood, who aim to deliver an eco-friendly and sustainable holiday community so others can appreciate the outdoors and local environment, was the perfect partnership for me’. 

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new announcements, including the opportunity to design a surfboard with Andrew and to have some professional surfing lessons from one of the world’s most respected big wave surfers.

Andrew is currently living the wild life out in Nazare, Portugal, surfing 70 foot waves. We wish him all the best for his adventures and look forward to seeing him when he gets back.