Pizza Chef

We are seeking a passionate chef, who can produce great pizza and some brilliant tapas dishes that we have developed too. Our Food and Beverage team spans our two catering operations – Ballihoo at Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds and The Hurricane Terrace and Bar at Silverlake in Dorset. The Pizza Shack at Silverlake Estate is fun, it’s spacious, it’s outdoors, the food is fresh, and the pay is great.

Working at our beautiful Silverlake Estate is very unique. Fundamentally, we believe in customer service is a way of life. We do this through our food, our service, and our personalities. We tap into our guests and treat them as we ourselves would like to be treated. With respect, honour, and love. We teach our younger colleagues valuable life skills on how to deal with many walks of society.
Location Silverlake - Dorset
Reporting to F&B General Manager
Salary £12 per hour
Hours 4pm to 10pm, 2 to 5 days a week, peak season and weekends

Our team has a lot of autonomy, and they are often found foraging to make homemade goodies, brainstorming dishes, or coming up with ideas for themed events.

Our senior team is passionate about personal development and through the importance of eating seasonally, outstanding customer service, and working on your feet, we champion the need of looking after your mind, body, and soul.

We pride ourselves on serving quality food, so being passionate about what you produce is a must.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee/organise/monitor kitchen stock and ingredients
  • Ensure a first-in, first-out food rotation system and verify all food products are properly dated and organized for quality assurance
  • Keep cooking stations stocked, especially before and during prime operation hours
  • Manage food and product ordering by keeping detailed records and minimise waste, plus work with existing systems to improve waste reduction and manage budgetary concerns
  • Supervise all food preparation and presentation to ensure quality and pizza shack standards
  • Verify that food storage units all meet standards and are consistently well-managed
  • Coordinate with the restaurant management team on supply orders, budget, kitchen efficiency, and staffing
  • Complete and monitor food hygiene procedures
  • Offer support to the front of house to achieve guests’ total satisfaction / perfect experience
  • Support the Hospitality Manager in the organisation and running of special events to create extra revenue
    Support in the management of private dining event