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Conservation without Borders

Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming Sacha Dench*, a renowned and passionate conservationist, to Silverlake, Dorset, for a conversation with our Chief Ecologist, Dr Phoebe Carter, about Habitat First Group’s unique conservation work. With many accolades to her name, including Ambassador for the UN’s Convention on Migratory Species and the ‘Human Swan’, Sacha passionately raises awareness about the climate crisis we are currently facing. Sacha joined us on her historic Round Britain Climate Challenge as she circumnavigated the British Coastline in an electric paramotor, landing to talk to some of Britain’s most inspiring individuals, communities and businesses ahead of COP26.

Chatting candidly with Sacha, Phoebe shares the unique and fascinating vision that Habitat First Group’s founder, Jeremy Paxton, had for creating a diverse culture, where people live cohesively with nature; something that his children Red, Ruby and Rory continue today.

As the conversation continues, Phoebe shares how Silverlake has evolved from a disused quarry into an area of flourishing habitats. From tall grasses, dense wetlands, swathes of heathland, and never-ending wild hedgerows, Silverlake is a welcoming home to over 146 different species of migrating birds including, Nightjars, Sand martins, Swifts and Swallows, and a huge range of other wonderful wildlife.

In conclusion, Phoebe shares how Silverlake is leading the way – showing that nature shouldn’t be considered an inconvenience by developers, but should be actively welcomed. Bringing nature into the estate as a key focus enriches our residents’ and guests’ experiences and boosts their well-being and the nature-based solutions that are incorporated into the Estate benefit the climate and wildlife too.

Phoebe and Sacha’s message is both poignant and clear. By working more collaboratively with nature, we can respond to the critical condition of the ecological emergency which is so intrinsically linked with the climate crisis. By working together, we can start to make the much-needed change for a better future.

To view Sacha and Phoebe’s conversation in full, click here.

*A month after this conversation, Sacha was injured in an accident whilst in the last stages of the Round Britain Climate Challenge. We wish Sacha all the best in her continued recovery.