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Introducing Biophilic Living

Interaction with nature is critically important to human well-being and development, but has become diminished in modern times. For over 20 years, Habitat First Group has been developing architect-designed homes for people who want to live side by side with nature –  a system that has been shown to benefit both people and wildlife. A recent survey of our residents revealed that lakeside living, countryside views and abundant wildlife all help them to escape from city life and gain a sense of relaxation that they hadn’t thought possible.

Whilst the benefits of the great outdoors make perfect sense to anybody who spends time in the open-air, scientific research gives this sentiment a much deeper meaning. Biophilia – the love of nature and living things – has been proven to have measurable benefits on productivity, emotional well-being, stress reduction, learning and healing.

Being immersed in nature has been proven to reduce stress by 19% (Kuo & Sullivan (2001)), whilst children learn up to 26% faster, when doing so in natural daylight environments. Conversely, Nature Deficit Disorder (the lack of contact children now have with nature) is now being explored as one of the contributing factors to ADHD.

At Habitat First Group, we are committed to Biophilic design from the architecture of the properties that permit maximum light and lake views to outdoor bathing opportunities; and managing hundreds of acres of nature reserves, allowing people to connect to nature. Our Chief Ecologist, Dr Phoebe Carter, is currently busy across our group developing and protecting wildlife habitats, improving the built environment for wildlife, and creating forest playgrounds and forest spas. All this helps to ensure that people experience and benefit from the natural world and in turn are inspired to appreciate nature and motivated to protect the environment.

In an era where people’s last priority at night and first priority in the morning is their smart phone, a Biophilic way of living is needed more than ever.

At Habitat First Group, we will continue to push the boundaries of Biophilic living, ensuring that people interact more with nature than technology and benefit from the incredible natural world around them.

Although we have been leading the field in Biophilic design in the UK for some time now we are always open to new ideas and collaborations. For more information or to discuss ideas please email us at