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Silverlake – Interactive Map

Finding your way around Silverlake, Dorset has never been easier, with the new Estate map. Beautifully illustrated and fully interactive, the map highlights key points of interest around the estate and provides further information on each of these.

While navigating the map, you’ll see that we have included some information relating to the history of the site, explaining why our names have such a significant meaning. As you explore the estate, you will see more examples of how we are reflecting the previous history of RAF Warmwell and the local culture, such as through village names and commissioned sculptures.  

Starling Lake is a great example of an area that is rich in wildlife. Being committed to developing and protecting the habitats, we are unable to share the exact locations for all of the species that live onsite, but the map is a great way to learn a bit more about what you will hear and see around the estate, from dawn to dusk.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not head over to the Activity Hub? Located between Beaumont Village and Wakeling Island, its central location means you can easily explore the whole estate by land or on the water. You’ll find the contact details on the information tile, along with some of the activities they can provide. If you prefer to take things at a slightly gentler pace, you could meander around the winding estate paths, then venture through the vast heathland.

After all that adventure and walking, why not return to the central hub of the estate to relax at the Hurricane Spa and Terrace? Take a gentle swim in the crystal clear, blue waters, enjoy the encompassing views from the terrace and indulge yourself in a luxurious massage.

To take in everything that Silverlake has to offer, use our map to find a new pathway home, or to investigate a new heathland or lake.